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Leading with Workers' Compensation

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Oceanus Partners

Capabilities Few Producers Have and Virtually Every Employer Needs

Few producers and virtually no employers really understand workers’ compensation insurance. Most employers commoditize the insurance-buying process, leaving themselves exposed to overcharges and errors.

With in-depth workers’ compensation knowledge, you can become a producer who demystifies this complex topic for employers, moving yourself away from the dreaded bid-and-quote process.

Find out how Oceanus Partners can help you develop an effective revenue-generating sales strategy.

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Helping Employers Avoid a Flawed and Dangerous Process

Employers who shop the marketplace for a lower price are entering into a Flawed and Dangerous Process™. After all, how does a lower price help employers avoid:

  • Errors and mismanagement of their experience modification factor?
  • Overcharges on their premium audit?
  • Having their injured employees receive improper medical treatment?
  • Wandering into federal acts risks?
  • Fines, litigation and denied group health claims due to mismanagement of FMLA, COBRA and ADA?
  • Lost business opportunities and reduced profitability due to an increase in their experience modification factor?

Seasoned and new producers frequently get trapped into bidding and quoting, often-times because they lack an alternative process to share with employers.

What If You Could…

  • Lead employers to a more effective way of buying insurance and managing risk and help them achieve what they really want: business sustainability and profitability?
  • Enhance and protect your client relationships and deliver on-going measurable value year in, year out?
  • Compete for and successfully write larger more complex accounts?

We Can Get You There

Let Oceanus Partners help you adopt a consultative, revenue-generating sales strategy that leads with in-depth workers’ compensation knowledge and moves you away from transactional sales toward a consultative relationship with employers.

While our program is typically an agency initiative, many individual producers interested in investing in their own personal growth pursue this 12-month engagement with us.

Learn more about our program for individual producers.

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