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Getting in the Door Strategies

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Appealing to the Overwhelmed Buyer

In today’s increasingly complex world, getting in the door has become more and more difficult. Today’s buyers have an abundance of information at their fingertips but more information does not always translate to improved results. Few producers have adapted their selling style to address the buyer’s new approach to a business relationship; one in which they are demanding more from their meetings with producers and are more concerned with the value they are receiving.

Your ability to identify and convey an understanding of your buyer’s business challenges, how skillfully you link your offerings to their business goals and objectives and how effectively you demonstrate leadership in the sales process will lead to not only a first meeting but to a successful business relationship.

Find out how Oceanus Partners can help you develop strategies that will successfully and efficiently move a prospect through the buying process.

Demonstrating Value

Insurance buyers are drowning in information, but starved for knowledge. Unfortunately, many insurance agents are compounding the problem by piling on more and more information. The result is an overwhelmed, confused or disinterested buyer. Overwhelmed and confused buyers tend to stay in their current business relationship and do not engage with new agents.

However, if agents can learn to effectively leverage the power of today’s technological marvels, they can:

  • Differentiate themselves from their competitors
  • Accelerate the sales process
  • Help their clients achieve measurable results

What If You Could…

  • Develop a message that clearly communicates how a client can measurably improve the results of their business through a relationship with you and your agency
  • Demonstrate leadership skills that set aside policies and the bid-and-quote mentality and replace it with a dialog that prompts the buyer to recognize the flaws in this process
  • Set aside the notion that carriers and vendors are a commodity and nurture your understanding of the vast array of resources available to address client needs and how they are structured and can be implemented

We Can Get You There

Let Oceanus Partners help you adopt a consultative, fee-based strategy that will place you in a powerful position to deepen your business relationship with clients, and prospects and diversify your revenue opportunities.

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