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Fee-based Strategies

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You Shouldn't Lose Money When You Help
Your Clients

Producers are trapped in a paradox when it comes to being compensated for their services. When you perform well and assist your clients to reduce losses, your clients’ insurance premiums decline. As we know, when premiums decline, so does commission revenue. Continued and sole reliance on these commissions is certainly not a reliable, long-term strategy for revenue growth.

Producers who move beyond the transactional approach of placing insurance to offering consultative, fee-based services that tackle a myriad of employer needs, risks and problems will provide a much needed value to a business while generating an immediate stream of revenue.

Find out how Oceanus Partners can help you develop customized, fee-based strategies that are in alignment with your capabilities and resources.

Turning an Employer's Problems into Your Opportunities

In almost all circumstances, employers are not able to diagnose their own problems. And, employers will pay to make the problems go away IF they know what those problems are. Employers will pay upfront and ongoing fees to address their threats and improve their business. Employers might not be aware that:

  • Too many of their employees are getting hurt and not returning to the workplace
  • They are hiring the wrong people
  • They are entering into contracts that are potentially destructive to their business
  • They are exposed to premium overcharges

Producers who lack the time, skills or resources to build and implement a comprehensive consultative package of fee-based solutions will continue to flail away, chasing the next transaction of placing insurance.

What If You Could…

  • Reduce your dependence on commissions
  • Turn unprofitable clients into profitable ones
  • Engage in a business relationship outside the broker of record 
  • Earn compensation commensurate with the value you deliver
  • Address employers’ risks and threats and improve their business

We Can Get You There

Let Oceanus Partners help you adopt a consultative, fee-based strategy that will place you in a powerful position to deepen your business relationship with clients, and prospects and diversify your revenue opportunities.

Learn more about our program for individual producers.