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Self-Funded Group Health Sales WorkShop™

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Oceanus Partners

Help Employers Bend the Healthcare Cost Curve

Health care reform has created confusion and anxiety for many producers and agencies. Most news headlines on the subject read something like this: “Reform Signals Uncertainty for Insurance Agents” or “Healthcare Insurance Industry Braces for Change.”

In the midst of the uncertainty, Oceanus Partners is confident that significant opportunities for producers and agencies exist and will continue to grow in the self-funded group health market.

Employers in the self-funded group health market can realize extraordinary and untapped opportunities to bend the cost curve, realizing a return on investment within 12 to 18 months. Many efforts to bend the medical cost curve have failed or fallen far short of expectations. Wellness and Disease Management programs are not creating the returns on investment promised by vendors and, in many cases, actually increasing the cost of medical care unnecessarily.

These are serious times for serious people. Employers are weary of unmet promises and overstatements. They are skeptical and want leaders who can bring them tested and proven solutions instead of empty promises.

Real solutions are available for agents and agencies willing to embrace the new technology to reduce health care costs immediately and on an ongoing basis.

Who Should Attend

Agents or agencies who are currently targeting or interested in expanding their market to employers with more than 250 employees should attend this workshop.

In addition, participants should be already engaged in the self-funded group health market or willing to learn how to integrate this strategy into their sales approach. This workshop is not intended for agents exclusively committed to the guaranteed cost marketplace.

Date for Self-funded Group Health Strategies WorkShop Coming Soon. 

The Curriculum

In the two-day Self-Funded Group Health Sales WorkShop™, you’ll learn how to:

  • Move away from the quoting game and engage in a consultative sales approach with clients and prospects by using the DAPPER Process™, a distinctive strategy developed by Oceanus Partners
  • Position and leverage technology solutions to reduce medical costs through claims audits
  • Manage and reduce runaway pharmacy costs
  • Assist clients to reduce their fiduciary liability risks

Date for Self-funded Group Health Strategies WorkShop Coming Soon.