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Disruptive Prospecting™

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Disruptive Prospecting™

Oceanus Partners has developed a program specifically for commercial insurance agents who want to increase the number of 1st appointments with right-fit prospects. We’ll provide you the training, tools and resources you need to stand-out and effectively position yourself and your agency with leverage.

Our comprehensive live, web-based program includes the basics of list building, how to develop a unique value proposition, identifying and dealing with common objections as well as how to develop messages that don’t get deleted!

Do You Need More First Appointments?

The number #1 issue facing agents today is getting in the door with leverage. Your prospects say “no”, often before you’ve even made your pitch. Not only is it frustrating, it has a negative impact on your ability to meet your revenue goals and build the lifestyle you desire.

Stop Positioning Yourself as a Commodity

Prospecting isn’t fun! You’re interrupting busy and distracted business owners and decision makers, asking them to give you a few seconds of their time. Today, more than ever before, you must be armed with more than teasers about “great markets” or “special programs” which can position you as a commodity and force you into the bid and quote death spiral.

You need to be prepared with tight and specific messaging campaigns that pique your prospects curiosity and differentiates you from the competition.