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Producer Offerings

Whether you are an individual producer from a Top 100 brokerage firm or just getting started and part of a small agency with limited resources, Oceanus Partners offers you a variety of strategies to help you:

  • Gain the confidence you need to overcome objections
  • Generate more quality first appointments
  • Write more business

  • Leading with Work Comp

    Few producers and virtually no employers really understand workers’ compensation insurance. Most employers commoditize the insurance-buying process, leaving themselves exposed to overcharges and errors. Seasoned and new producers frequently get trapped into bidding and quoting, often- times because they lack an alternative process to share with employers. With in-depth workers’ compensation knowledge, you can become a producer who demystifies this complex topic for employers, moving yourself away from the dreaded bid-and-quote process.

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  • Getting in the Door

    Getting in the door has become increasingly difficult. Buyers are demanding more from their meetings with producers and are more concerned with the value they are receiving. Unfortunately few producers have adapted their selling style to address the buyer’s new approach. Your ability to identify and convey an understanding of your buyer’s business challenges and how skillfully you link your offerings to their business goals and objectives will lead to a successful, long-term business relationship.

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  • Broker Selection

    The process most employers follow to manage their risks and purchase insurance is harmful to them and threatens their business. They assign insurance markets and shop for the best price. But in the end, gaps and errors in their program continue to be overlooked. Agents will better serve their prospective and current clients by aligning them with carriers best suited to address their risks, even if the relationship comes at a higher cost.

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  • Fee-Based Strategies

    Producers are trapped in a paradox when it comes to being compensated for their services. When you perform well and assist your clients to reduce losses, your clients’ insurance premiums decline. You can provide a much needed value to a business while generating an immediate stream of revenue if you can move beyond the transactional approach of placing insurance to offering consultative, fee-based services that tackle a myriad of employer needs, risks and problems.

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  • Self-Funded Group Health

    While many employers have moved to a self-funded group health plan in an attempt to control the spiraling cost of providing healthcare coverage, few are seeing a significant savings. In many cases, it’s because there’s no one thoroughly auditing claims to identify waste, fraud and abuse. Producers who can leverage technology to reduce healthcare spending by as much as 15 percent in as little as 12 months will get the attention of employers seeking to bend the cost curve.

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"The main reason we chose to partner with Oceanus is they had a true respect for our sales and service professionals, our clients and most importantly the insurance industry as a true “profession.” The process and approach espoused adds real value for both our agency and our “right fit” clients. A true win-win. If you are looking for gimmicks and quick tricks, Oceanus is not for you. If you want to build a sustainable advantage that you can be proud of, give them a call. Now let’s hope we sell something!"

- Patrick Kelly, President of Commercial Division
Johnson Insurance Service