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Self-funded Group Health Strategies

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Curbing Out-of-Control Healthcare Costs for Employers

While many employers have moved to a self-funded group health plan in an attempt to control the spiraling cost of providing healthcare coverage, few are seeing a significant savings. In many cases, it’s because there’s no one thoroughly auditing claims to identify waste, fraud and abuse.

Agencies who can leverage technology to reduce healthcare spending by as much as 15 percent in as little as 12 months will get the attention of employers seeking to bend the cost curve.

Engage with Oceanus Partners to learn how your agency can enter into a consultative relationship about healthcare costs with employers that will save them money and generate revenue for you.

Why Employers Need an Independent Resource to Audit Claim Payments

Employers that rely on their insurance company or third-party administrator to audit a random sampling of their claims payment history are missing an opportunity for savings. A partial audit will likely miss:

  • Identification of ALL the ineligible beneficiaries
  • Inconsistencies between the plan benefits and the claim payments
  • Assignment of other payers, such as a government agency

Agencies that know how to align with the right resource to offer employers an audit of 100 percent of their claims will get in the door and establish a long-term relationship.

What If Your Agency Could Help Employers…

  • Reduce their healthcare spending within the next 12 to 18 months?
  • Become aware of resources and technology that will help them reduce their claim payments by up to 15 percent?
  • Identify waste, fraud and abuse in their healthcare coverage so they can make changes that will reduce their costs?
  • Find claims that should never have been paid?

We Can Get You There

Let Oceanus Partners help your agency adopt a consultative, revenue-generating sales strategy that will position you to show employers how to better manage their healthcare plans and reduce their costs quickly through technology that identifies claim payment errors.

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