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Driving Performance

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Helping Underperforming Producers Succeed

One of the greatest challenges facing agency principals and sales managers is the failure of new and existing producers to meet their production and profitability goals. Underperforming producers can compromise your brand if they cannot clearly communicate why your agency is different.

Producers must be trained and develop the ability to assist the employer in:

  • Identifying risks and threats to their business
  • Providing processes and solutions to address those risks
  • Conveying to the employer that their future outcomes will be improved through a relationship with their agency

Agencies can improve producer success with a differentiation strategy, strong messaging, consultative sales processes, effective on-boarding and accountability.

Find out how Oceanus Partners can help you differentiate your agency, drive producer performance and increase your revenues.

What Causes Producer Underperformance

Producer underperformance is a chronic condition in insurance agencies, increasing costs and affecting sustainability. Assessing and addressing the producer underperformance epidemic is complex. The most common reasons producers underperform include:

  • Failure to adapt to the complex buyer organization - producers who are unwilling or unable to gain and hone the ability to respond to the needs of today’s complex organizations will forever compete on price and devalue their role in helping employers improve their outcomes.
  • Lack of clear expectations from the agency - because many agencies haven’t identified and articulated their expectations, rarely do producers have a clear understanding of what is expected of them on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. 
  • Lack of technical knowledge - if producers lack the depth and breadth of knowledge necessary to understand issues and identify opportunities, they will not succeed.
  • Inability to lead buyers through the sales process - lacking a leadership orientation and skills, many producers unwittingly follow the employer’s Flawed and Dangerous Buying Process™ of managing risk and buying insurance.

What If You Could …

  • Create a culture and platform for young producer success
  • Develop an effective on-boarding process
  • Develop a system of clear expectations, producer rules and accountability

We Can Get You There

We can assist your agency with developing a consistent, repeatable process that will:

  • Improve your on-boarding process
  • Segment producers based on performance and coaching
  • Prepare producers to sell in a complex marketplace
  • Create a consistent lead development and nurturing strategy
  • Improve sales and account management interactions

Oceanus Partners provides its agency clients with coaching and support based on our expertise in consultative selling and insurance technical knowledge. We customize every agency engagement based on your goals and objectives.

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