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Attraction & Differentiation Strategies

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Insurance Buyers Are Demanding More

Agencies and agents are facing major challenges as they try to get the attention of today’s insurance buyers.

Decision makers have changed how they buy and are demanding much more. They have higher expectations, greater demands and changing communication preferences. They want to work with an agency that will:

  • Help them to think differently
  • Bring them new ideas
  • Help them discover risks they were not aware of and have not addressed
  • Provide in-depth knowledge and expertise

How Do Buyers Perceive Your Agency?

Buyers will commoditize your agency if:

  • Your message is about you and not them
  • Your value proposition sounds like your competition’s
  • You lack effective, repeatable processes for gaining new business
  • You have a poorly crafted strategy that doesn’t attract right-fit clients

To move prospects in your sales pipeline toward a mutually beneficial business relationship, it's important that buyers perceive your agency as one that will help them take on complex problems and lead them through a process to improve their business outcomes.  

Engage with Oceanus Partners

If you would like to start on a new path that will introduce a more consultative, outcome-based and value-based sales approach to your agency, contact us.

Oceanus Partners provides its agency clients with coaching and support based on our expertise in consultative selling and insurance technical knowledge. We customize every agency engagement based on your goals and objectives.

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