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Agency Offerings

While every agency wants to grow its profits and maintain sustainability, few have the processes in place to do so. Oceanus Partners offers agencies strategies that will help you implement a consistent:

  • Process for engaging with clients
  • Customer experience
  • Method for your agency to help clients solve problems
  • Attraction and Differentiation Strategies

    Agencies and agents are facing major challenges as they try to get the attention of today’s insurance buyers. Decision makers have changed how they buy and are demanding much more. They have higher expectations, greater demands and changing communication preferences. It’s up to you to respond by demonstrating to employers that their future outcomes will be improved through a relationship with your agency.

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  • Driving Performance

    One of the greatest challenges facing agency principals and sales managers is the failure of producers to meet their production and profitability goals. Producer underperformance is a chronic condition that increases agency costs and affects sustainability. Agencies can improve producer success with a differentiation strategy, strong messaging, consultative sales processes, effective on-boarding and accountability.

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  • Fee-based Strategies

    Continued and sole reliance on commissions is certainly not a reliable, long-term strategy for revenue growth. Producers who move beyond the transactional approach of placing insurance to offering consultative, fee-based services that tackle a myriad of employer needs, risks and problems will provide a much needed value to a business while generating an immediate stream of revenue.

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  • Self-Funded Group Health

    While many employers have moved to a self-funded group health plan in an attempt to control the spiraling cost of providing healthcare coverage, few are seeing a significant savings. In many cases, it’s because there’s no one thoroughly auditing claims to identify waste, fraud and abuse. Agencies that can leverage technology to reduce healthcare spending by as much as 15 percent in as little as 12 months will get the attention of employers seeking to bend the cost curve.

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"CoLiance Risk Advisors THOUGHT we had a competitive advantage by leading with work comp.  Little did we know there is much more to the system then we ever imagined.  Combining what we knew with expertise from Oceanus Partners allowed us to develop much deeper relationships with our prospects, clients, and COI's.   As principle of the agency, I give Oceanus Partners 100% credit for giving CoLiance Risk Advisors a REAL competitive edge in a very difficult work comp system and empowering our producers with knowledge giving them the confidence to drive change in a competitive situation.    The numbers speak for themselves.  Our partnership with Oceanus Partners is going on its 3rd year.  Each year we have achieved 20% top line growth, while tripling our bottom line.   Thanks Frank and Susan."
  - Judd Feldman, Partner

  CoLiance Risk Advisors