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“I Want a Low Price”

I’ve talked to many producers who believe in their process, but become frustrated and cave when prospects demand a low price. They’ll say to me: “It’s what the customer wants” and ask “What am I supposed to do?” My answer: you sell them on a better process. Instead of complying with their request, lead them toward something new and better. Most prospects will say that they want the lowest price because their past experiences with agents tell them they should engage in this way.

So, instead of seeking out buyers who don’t respond in this way, change the minds of the buyers who do. How? Most salespeople do a lot of talking; they spend their time telling the prospect what they have to offer, but the best salespeople use questions to reveal the buyers issues, needs and concerns—to help them self-discover the flaws in their process.

According to author and business consultant Nido Qubein, “the instant a prospect pauses to take a breath, the amateur will jump in with a sales spiel, just to break the silence. But powerful persuaders use questions… much as a skilled physician uses them to diagnose the problems of a patient.”

Before you even begin to sell your product or service to the prospect, you first have to sell them on your process. If you believe in your process and you’re ready to take on the challenge, you can turn these frustrating situations into opportunities.

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”- Francis Bacon

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