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In today’s highly commoditized insurance market, it’s difficult for agencies to be different when buyers are always asking, “can you just give me a quote?” So, how can you remove your agency from this dreaded bid-and-quote process and grow organically based on the value your agency has to offer prospective clients? Become a specialist—implement a consultative sales strategy that emphasizes your specialized technical knowledge and expertise.

 Agencies can choose to develop distinctive capabilities from a wide array of services to assist employers. One example that emotionally engages prospects and gives agencies the chance to deliver measurable outcomes is workers’ compensation insurance. It’s not only employers who see Workers’ Compensation as difficult to understand. Many agencies out there also share the same perspective. That’s why specialized capabilities in Workers Comp and a distinctive process for engagement can give agencies the edge and advantage needed to capture new business.

Worker’s Compensation insurance programs are often filled with overcharges and mistakes, and if agencies know how to step in to find and fix them they will be able to better quantify their value to employers. The important thing is to be better than your competition at something unique and important to the success of your client.

According to John Case, senior writer for Inc magazine, “it’s the age of the specialist- of the company whose value is knowledge.”



As a disclaimer: We (The WorkComp Advisory Group) provide independent insurance agents with the tools, training and consultative leadership they need to lead with Workers’ Compensation and attract new business.

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