Super Agent

Interview Your Peers

Every office has a producer that excels and seems to effortlessly close deals; maybe it’s you or one of your colleagues. Or, perhaps, you know a business owner whose operations run smoothly and grows steadily despite market conditions. What are they doing well that you can learn from?

Taking time to sit with a peer, who is successful regardless of the industry they are in, can help you fine tune your own skills and help you reach your next level of success.

Often times, and it’s unclear why, people are afraid to ask their colleagues, “What’s in the secret to your success?” First off, it’s an incredibly flattering question. It shows that you’ve noticed that they are successful, but more importantly is what it says about you. By asking the question, you’re sharing that you’re striving to get better.

Once you’ve asked the question, you may want to spend some time following up with these questions:

• Have you used a consistent process or practice that seems to work best for you?
• What obstacles have you had to overcome to enjoy your current success?
• If you could get better at one thing what would it be, and why?

The more people you engage with this line of questioning, the more insights you’ll gain in how you can improve your own experience.

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