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Creating a Lifestyle Changing Suspect List

Building, refining and segmenting your top-100 list is a critical step to help you stay focused on creating first appointments. Your top-100 is based on the profile you developed for your perfect client-type and typically of the revenue size you most frequently pursue and close.

These accounts may be 5, 10, 20, or even 50 thousand in revenue depending on the book of business you are creating.

Today, think about accounts that are outside the size of the accounts you typically write. For those of you who focus on writing 10,000 in revenue accounts- think about accounts that perhaps 25,000-50,000 in revenue. If you typically write 25,000-50,000 accounts- think about the accounts that generate 100,000-150,000 in revenue.

The purpose of the exercise is to identify 5-10 accounts within your marketplace that are significantly larger than your “average” account size. They are still in the geographic footprint that you serve, still within the niche of business you focus on, but are significantly larger in size and perhaps complexity.

In fact, if you were to land one of these accounts, it would likely take the place of one of your top-10 accounts in terms of revenue. Bumping one of your top-10 accounts down to #11 is rewarding more than just financially. It helps you build confidence and a new level of excitement for selling. It also can give you the “space” necessary to pursue other larger opportunities.

Often your book of business and your pipeline is a reflection of the lifestyle you want to achieve. If your pipeline and the top-100 are only filled with accounts that look like every other account you have, then maybe it’s time to think bigger and explore and build a separate list of Lifestyle Accounts.

You may be surprised that it really doesn’t take an altogether different strategy to write accounts twice the size you typically focus on. Sure, there may be greater complexity managing these accounts, but you can do that with the support of your team and the resources you have available here at Oceanus Partners.

Why not give it a try?

You have everything to gain and virtually no downside!

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