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Create Three New Email and Voicemail Scripts

Creating first appointments can be challenging. To overcome the challenges of a crowded marketplace and overwhelmed and busy buyers, it’s critical that the messaging you send to prospective clients pique curiosity and disrupt their way of thinking about buying insurance and managing risk.

You may find yourself struggling with developing messages that do this. One of the ways you can gain traction is to take time to develop new messages and voicemails around topics that are likely of interest to your prospects. Finding the content is easier than you think. Here are some places you can go to get fresh content that will help you develop interesting and effective emails and voicemails:

• LinkedIn Groups: Visit the groups your prospects are in. What are the topics of conversation? Which threads are getting the most attention? Once you identify what your prospects are talking about, use that to create a voicemail message or email script. It may start out sounding like: “I recently heard a number of business owners in the manufacturing space discussing ____, and I’m curious if this is an issue that you’ve found yourself trying to address.”

You can also get ideas for messaging from the Monthly Technical Webinars from Oceanus Partners. While the content is developed to help you gain or refresh your technical skills, with few modifications, it can be used to pique the curiosity of your prospects. For example, a recent technical training discussed how agents can differentiate themselves by creating enhanced submissions. Why not create a message for your prospects that talks about how poor submissions can actually limit their options in the marketplace?

As you know, business owners are proud of building their business and would be upset to learn that a poor submission will not only work against them from a pricing standpoint but it also could misrepresent their business to insurance companies.

Creating effective emails and voicemails doesn’t have to take a lot of time. We encourage you to set aside time each quarter to freshen up your messages and create new ones. This will not only engage your prospects, but keep you from getting bored with the same old scripts.

These insights are intended to inspire you to get creative and, more importantly, help you get in the door with leverage!

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