Super Agent

Are You an Intrapreneur?

One of the many benefits of being an agent is that you have the opportunity benefit from the structure of an agency, and the freedom and flexibility to shape and grow a business to reflect the life you want to build.

As an intrapreneur you have the best of both worlds; the ability to select the profile of your perfect client type and the service team to support your delivery of service and value. The autonomy to create a vision for the lifestyle you want to create for yourself and your family with the backing to help you get there.

As an intrapreneur you didn’t have to secure a loan to buy a building, lease equipment or create the infrastructure of an agency. You aren’t responsible for making payroll or building a brand.

With all its upside, being an intrapreneur is a pretty sweet deal. But with this tremendous opportunity comes a level of responsibility.

The responsibilities to select clients that will help your agency grow profitably;

The responsibility to work on the type of business that leverages the capabilities of your team;

The responsibility to never stop growing and never settling for ‘good enough’;

The responsibility to walk away from prospects who commoditize you and therefore devalue the work of your support team;

The responsibility to continually learn, grow and develop so you can protect your asset and the reputation of your agency;

And, finally, the responsibility to nurture and protect the brand that someone else risked so much to develop.

You’ve got the best of both worlds as an intrapreneur.

Leverage, protect it!

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