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Are Retention Numbers A Sign of Success?

We recently tried to cancel our account with a well known technology company after completing our 12-month contract faithfully, and instead, we were forced into a new contract because we missed the notice period for cancelling. Technically they retained our business for one more year, but is this really a sign of success?

According to an article on, “truly successful companies thrive on their ability to keep the customers they’ve already acquired… Regardless of what you’re selling, your long-term profitability is largely dependent upon your ability to keep current customers.” This is true, but whether or not clients stay is much less important than why they stay.

Most agencies invest a great deal of time and effort in building initial client relationships, but the biggest mistake they can make is to let those relationships go unattended over time. The enemy here is the status quo—do your clients want to stay, or are they forced to stay because their fear of change is more powerful than the impact of your value?

The number of clients that stay because of the value you provide—that is the true measure of successful retention.

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