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How to Begin Your Messaging Strategy

While working with a new producer it is not uncommon to wonder, “Where do I begin with my messaging, do I start with an email or make a phone call?” The truth is it doesn’t matter.

A study by The Bridge Group of three-hundred fifty-five companies found that there was a 50/50 split between how inside business developers approached getting sales. Among the successful sales reps who met their goals, it didn’t really matter, there wasn’t a better way. Half focused on piquing curiosity with emails while the other has felt more confident on the phone.

The key word here is confident. Interrupting prospects, trying to engage in a dialogue, writing emails that don’t get deleted; these are all important steps and require a level of confidence, because each step almost always is met with rejection at some point or another.

Found out what works best for you and stick to it. Just because your colleague has had success one way doesn’t mean you will. Scheduling the appropriate amount of business development time and consistently delivering valuable content to your prospects with the requisite amount of follow up activity will help you build a strong pipeline of prospects. Just do what feels right for you consistently overtime and you’ll be far more successful than your competitors who spend their time just contemplating how to get started.

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