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Understanding Millennials

Recruiting top talent into our industry can be difficult and costly—just last month, an article on Property Casualty 360 was titled “Insurance Industry Crisis: 400,000 Positions to Fill by 2020.” So, how can you make sure you’ll be able to successfully recruit and retain the next generation? Understanding the way they work, and what’s important to them is the first step. 

Here are a few characteristics millennials possess that can benefit professional, independent agencies:

  1. Millennials may be more in tune with working in a multi-generational environment—they work well collaboratively, and possess a strong sense of team unity.  
  2. They develop relationships via social communities and they share experiences through technology. So, they would have the confidence to use integrated and portable technology to engage round-the-clock with prospects.
  3. They feel the need to connect to a bigger purpose. According to an article on 99U, millennials are focused on “the mission, the underlying purpose, the reason why the thing matters.” So they will most likely be attracted to an agency whose value proposition is client-focused and outcome driven.  

Is your agency positioned to attract and retain the next generation of industry professionals and leverage their unique talents?

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