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The Silver Bullet Message

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one message that could say it all? It would make a producers job much less challenging. But, in reality, it’s unlikely that one message delivered one time will drive a prospect to follow up with you. Busy executives responsible for the insurance buying process are constantly being bombarded with solicitations, deadlines, information and requests, and if producers rely on only one message to capture their attention they will probably fail.

Seth Godin explains:  “If your tactic is to have a one-shot, the equivalent of a pickup line in a singles’ bar, it’s pretty hopeless. You can’t sell anything complex or risky in this way.”

So instead of becoming discouraged when a single message fails to generate a response or agreement, here’s what you can do to make sure your messaging strategy is effective:

  1. Use multiple messaging channels like email, voicemail, direct mail or video.
  2. Reinforce themes and opportunities like issues, threats and strategies that are top of mind with decision makers.
  3. Be repetitive in order to create impact. You can expect to touch a prospect with your message at least 10 to 12 times before you get a response.
  4. Include multiple calls to action using language like “watch this video”, “enjoy this article”, “join us for” etc.

With a well developed message—one that piques curiosity, delivers value and is relevant to the buyer—and a good messaging strategy, you can get in the door and be heard.

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