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Know These 3 Things About Potential Hires

Most agency leaders have been frustrated when a new hire doesn’t work out, or fails to produce. But hiring practices within many agencies are usually pretty similar: typical hires include a friend of a friend, relative, an athlete with a competitive nature, a son or daughter of a colleague, and recent graduates who are great self-marketers and eager to jump into the work force… but these characteristics are often unreliable as indicators of success, and don’t tell you anything about whether or not the potential hire will be a productive and effective team member.

If the scenario I described sounds familiar, it’s probably time to step back and assess your process for pursuing and hiring new producers. Do you know these three things about your potential candidates? 

-          Can they sell? Selling requires the ability to navigate sometimes uncomfortable situations, keep your head about you when confronted with a challenge and be able to manage multiple stakeholders.

-          Will they fit into the culture? Hiring a right-fit producer is important because one lone-wolf whose value proposition, goals and objectives aren’t in alignment with the agency’s can disrupt years of work developing and honing a brand.

-          What is the likelihood of high turnover? Often, an agency won’t see the fruits of its labor for 18-24 months, so if a hire fails or doesn’t work out thousands of dollars, time and resources have been wasted.

Hiring a right-fit producer takes time and a process. For example, it’s important to utilize assessments that may give you insight into who is the best possible match, and to use role-playing to find out who can demonstrate strong abilities on the spot and adapt to complex demands. Marketing guru Seth Godin explains: “Isn’t the entire point of a hiring process to separate the people who will be good at the job from those that won’t? Why is “clever cover-letter writing” or “willingness to travel across town on spec for an interview” a leading indicator of that?”

If you’re interested in learning more about our tips on solving the hiring puzzle, download our article on the subject here:

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