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I Hear and I Forget; I See and I Remember

We recently came across an interesting article that talks about the “Achilles’ ear—a weakness that lies not in a mythical hero’s heel, but in the real-life way the brain processes sound and memory.” According to the findings of a University of Iowa study, auditory memory lags far behind both visual and tactile memory (and the gap only increases over time).

The study comes as a reminder that engaging multiple senses is your best bet for making a strong and memorable impact on employers during sales conversations. This is not to say that what you say isn’t important. Engaging in a consultative sales process, asking thought provoking questions, and gaining verbal agreements are vital to successful meetings. But you’ll likely be even more successful if you remember to engage a few other senses.

For example, consider using graphic overviews in your meetings to represent your sales process, an idea or other detailed information. Even better, allow prospects to interact with the graphic on an iPad, or leave them with a hard copy at the end of your conversation.

The brain remembers what it sees and feels more than what it hears, and taking advantage of this by utilizing visual and interactive tools not only positions you in a unique way it also helps you to stay in control of your process.

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