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Does Your Value Proposition Communicate These 3 Things?

A unique and specific value proposition helps agencies attract the right-fit clients that will benefit from the expertise and resources they offer. In an article on Business Insider, investor and business advisor Joseph Bockerstette says that “while entrepreneurs freely throw around the term “value proposition,” they rarely offer a thoughtful explanation for the value their business is providing and, more importantly, an understanding of who their real customer is and what valuable benefit their customer perceives they are receiving.”

Good value propositions communicate an agency’s LCV. What is it? LCV stands for leadership, capabilities and value.

Leadership = Take the leadership role; lead prospects toward identifying what their greatest challenges are.

Capabilities = Leverage the capabilities and resources your agency possesses to address prospect and client challenges.

Value = Demonstrate your value so your prospects and clients recognize that they are at great risk without it.

Does your value prop articulate these things? If not, now is the perfect time to get back to the basics and refine it. Just remember that communicating your value proposition is a process; don’t simply recite a statement to a prospect, let them see your LCV.

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