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Define Your Perfect Client Type

As an agency, if you want your producers to develop rewarding business relationships with the right clients and successfully increase their number of first appointments, defining your perfect client type needs to be a fundamental component of the client-attraction process. If an agency fails to define their perfect client type before attempting to “get in the door” with a prospective client, they end up wasting valuable money and time pursing prospects that aren’t a right fit.

Tammy Lenski, a business negotiation expert, explains: “The big danger is that without a target market, it’s like standing in a park shouting in the wind. When you have a target market, it’s like standing in a park and talking to a specific group of people.”

To identify the perfect client type, you must go through the process of describing what type of employer your agency wants to attract. What are the demographics, company size and industry of your agency’s area of focus? Once an agency has determined this, its resources can be used more efficiently, its producers will develop focus and industry expertise, and it will become more profitable.

This gives agencies permission not to pursue a business relationship with an employer who is a wrong fit. Simon Sinek, a leadership expert, says that “the goal is not to do business with everyone who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”

An agency that has identified its perfect client type removes itself from the position of having to compete on price instead of value. It will ultimately close more business because it’s connecting its capabilities directly to prospects that are seeking the capabilities and leadership that it provides.

Has your agency defined its perfect client type?

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