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Your Prospects Are Talking, Are You Listening?

It has never been easier than it is today to conduct research on specific industries and individual companies. Search engines and social media can and should be used to identify the primary challenges of virtually any industry group. If you walk into a first meeting having done no research on your prospect, you are likely missing out on opportunities to show what value you and your agency have to offer.

For example, one of our members was working on a large opportunity and walked into a first meeting without realizing that the CFO he was about to sit down with had written a blog post on the company website titled something along the lines of “How I Want Salespeople to Engage with Me”. In the post, the CFO detailed his own experiences with salespeople who pitched their services up front and focused on delivering the best price, and expressed that he would rather be shown how the company, firm or agency could help address challenges and improve business outcomes.

In this case, the prospect was telling the agent exactly what he wanted from him. Imagine how powerful the conversation could have been if the agent started out by saying, “From the research that I’ve done, I understand that you expect…”, as opposed to starting out like every other agent with “let’s review your insurance program.”

Inc contributor Tom Searcy talks about this in one of his articles. He explains that in order to get prospects to pay attention you should “do your research… and build that credibility–then they’re going to want to talk to you again. When they talk to you, they should say, “Ooh, that’s interesting.” Products and services don’t make them say that.”

Research is more essential than ever, and your prospects are giving you insight into what’s important to them and what challenges they are facing. Are you listening?

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