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When Sales Becomes Marketing

Originally, the internet was a warehouse of information—a one-way street where the average consumer could research and read but rarely contribute. Fast forward to today, and it has dramatically evolved into a place of constant engagement, communication and two-way interaction. Because of this, marketing has also significantly changed. When was the last time you checked out a review on Amazon before making the decision to buy? Have you ever noticed an ad on your Facebook newsfeed targeted specifically for you?

Whereas two-way communication was, at one time, only possible in sales, marketing is now also becoming more of a conversation. As new technology develops, the line between sales and marketing has become blurred. Attraction and early nurturing can be considered marketing, and although “inside sales” techniques can be effective, it’s important to discuss the dangers as well.

Here are a few questions to consider:

- Are you diminishing your role in the sales process “because most clients know what they want already”?

-Are you leaving out the opportunity for the prospect to self-discover risks to their business?

Prospects still need producers to be leaders, to move them away from a dangerous path, offer innovative ideas and find creative ways to help them improve their business.

According to Giovanni Rodriguez, contributor, “Salespeople will always be necessary with complex, expensive purchases, anything requiring customization, special services or “high impact” purchases…But as always, superior marketing will greatly assist the sales efforts of every company”

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