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That Sale You Lost, It May Be Your Fault

When we ask producers why they failed to close a sale, they often respond that the employer “just didn’t get it.” They will go on to explain, with frustration, that the employer decided to stay with their current agency, and that the solution to this problem is simply finding more prospects that “get it”.

But, producers are too quick to blame their prospects when things go wrong. Marketing expert Seth Godin recently talked about this issue in his blog. He says: “the thing is, blaming this group [of customers] for getting it wrong helps no one. They don’t want to be blamed, and they’re not going to learn.”

Many producers have been instructed to “pitch” their agency’s capabilities and services during the early stages of the sales process as a strategy to differentiate from competitors, but taking this approach is self-sabotage because, as we often say, buyers “don’t know what they don’t know.” The risks your services and capabilities address and mitigate aren’t yet on their radars, and instead of recognizing that you can help them improve their business they become overwhelmed. They nod along with you, letting you move forward, when they’re really thinking “Just get to the price.”

Leading with your “pitch” disregards the way the buyer’s brain works, and is too agency-centric to create any emotion. Great producers are able to help prospects self-discover threats and risks which they were previously unaware of before connecting their services and capabilities. Doing this evokes the important emotions that inspire decisions; a buyer will only be comfortable with change after they are unsatisfied and truly fearful that they are at a greater risk if they don’t.

Are you asking customer-centric questions at the start of the sales process?

Are you helping the prospect see a vision for a future relationship before introducing your agency’s services and capabilities?

Producers don’t need to find more customers who get it; they need to develop the skills to create more customers who will.

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