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Shiny New Penny Syndrome

We often talk about the importance of subscribing to a process that will allow you to help your prospect see what they hope to accomplish. Doing so can help agents attain a competitive advantage and differentiate in the marketplace—two things that are often among their top objectives. But, there are many agents who are so willing to try new things to succeed, learn new information, and use the latest resources that they end up throwing out a process that works, skipping steps, or abandoning it all together before it has had the opportunity to gain traction.

If this sounds familiar to you, you might have “shiny new penny syndrome”, and it may be time for you to take a step back and assess. Agents are often adaptable, innovative, and excel when they’re put on the spot. These are all great characteristics, but they could also get you into trouble if you’re constantly changing your sales strategy.

For example, we recently spoke with a producer who was seeing early success in the sales process. As a result, he started feeling comfortable enough to skip steps in the hope of shortening his sales cycle. Instead, he missed out on the next several opportunities. It’s like a doctor deciding that things are going well, so he stops washing his hands before examining or treating patients. Not only does the quality of care decrease, but the risks increase.

It is important that you do have the capabilities to assess and adapt as needed, but it’s also important to do so with intention. Don’t spot fix issues and climb aboard quick-win bandwagons. If you believe in your process, stick to it.

“Process is your ace in the hole when your intuition stops working. If process makes you nervous, it’s probably because it threatens your reliance on intuition. Get over it. The best processes leverage your intuition and give it room to thrive.”- Seth Godin

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