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Making the Most of Your Center of Influence Relationships

Leveraging Center of Influence relationships is an important component of new business development. As Salesforce blogger and author Joanne Black said, referrals allow you to “walk into meetings with your ideal prospects” and “arrive with credibility and trust already built”. But, are you confident that your center of influence engagement strategy is really generating leads and opportunities to grow?

If not, here are a few tips to help you make the most of these relationships:

-  Develop a PowerPoint presentation that talks about how you engage, your value proposition, and your perfect client type. Your COI will represent you better if they know your story, what differentiates you, and who you want to do business with.

-  Share your top 100 list of suspects and determine if your COI can help you get in the door, and then collaborate to set up introductions. Also, be clear on the number of business relationships you’re looking to engage in over the next 12 months.

-  Lastly, measure the success of your COI strategy. If you find that you haven’t had an introduction or written a new piece of business in the last 1 or 2 quarters, then it’s either time to find different COI’s or consider alternative strategies. We often hear producers maintain that they work only on referral, but often find that they haven’t had one in months.

Remembering these tips will help you to ensure that your Centers of Influence are armed with what they need to refer you the right business.

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