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Introductory Phone Call

As we’ve discussed in the past, it is essential for your messaging to clearly communicate that through a business relationship with your agency, a client can measurably improve the results of their business. Communicating clearly, confidently and effectively takes practice, and it’s important for producers to take the time to prepare by writing out a script or a list of objectives to successfully navigate an introductory call.

Here are a few tips:

1)  Do your research. In today’s technology and information loaded world, there is no reason not to know several things about your prospect before you call them. The goal is to gain information that you can use to tie into your message. By demonstrating that you have done research on their business, you can confidently suggest that you have something of value to offer.
2)  Make sure to share why you are calling.
3)  Determine if you’re speaking with the right person—if you are not speaking with the right person, verify a way to reach them.
4)  Having done research on your prospect, share what you are offering and how it may benefit them—remember to keep the conversation focused on their success, and decide what the appropriate next step in the process should be. (A second, more in-depth phone conversation, or a first appointment)
5)  Pique enough curiosity to secure the next step. Why is piquing curiosity important? Jill Konrath explains: “It creates an opening for you to establish a relationship, at the same time it positions you as an invaluable resource.”

Utilizing a set of objectives will keep you productive and focused on advancing the relationship forward.

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