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Having Difficult Sales Conversations: Part 2

Last week we discussed the common reluctance to having sales conversations that push the boundaries of comfort and tackle big issues other agents likely aren’t addressing. But, creating positive tension during the sales process isn’t the only difficult task producers struggle to master in order to truly differentiate.

Another similar area is developing a willingness to be vulnerable and transparent with clients and prospects, which can help producers build lasting business relationships but is a point of issue for many. According to Patrick Lencioni, author of the business fable Getting Naked, “those who get comfortable being vulnerable are rewarded with levels of client loyalty that other[s] can only dream of….naked service is rare, which means it provides an opportunity for a powerful and tangible competitive advantage for those who embrace it.”

This means letting go of the fear of being embarrassed, asking questions or raising suggestions even if they could turn out to be wrong, and admitting to errors rather than hiding them. As James Joyce said, “mistakes are the portals of discovery.” In return, those you work with will be attracted to your honesty, trust that your intentions are to help them achieve the best outcomes, and appreciate your directness.

Are you comfortable with both types of difficult conversations that we touched on in this two-part series? If not, there are big opportunities waiting for you.

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