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Developing Your Value Proposition

Developing a unique value proposition to differentiate your agency is essential. Jill Konrath explains: “With today’s tight economy and overburdened decision makers, you need to have a strong value proposition to break through the clutter and get their attention.” Most agencies have one, but too often it sounds just like any other and it fails to educate employers on why establishing a relationship with the agency is beneficial to their business. For example, some common value propositions include general claims like, “we have great service”, or “we represent great insurance companies.” According to business writer, Wendy Maynard, “Crafting a value proposition requires insight on what is unique about your company”.

So, how can you develop a unique value proposition that will demonstrate your distinctive value and capture the attention of prospective clients?

Ask these questions to determine whether or not your value proposition is effective:

Does it demonstrate how you will help employers change and grow, or the loss they will experience if they don’t engage in a business relationship with your agency? Does it communicate why the prospect should use your agency over another, and the specific value your agency will bring to the relationship? Is it focused on the client? Does it include demonstrated and tangible results?

Establishing a unique value proposition positions agencies to compete on value instead of price, and it will help agencies attract the right-fit clients that will benefit from the capabilities and resources that they offer.

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