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Can You Pivot?

In a group of people at any organization there are often those who are experienced and those who are inexperienced. So, whether it’s from a service standpoint or in a sales presentation, it’s important to be able to convey complex concepts to those at a higher level while still providing value to those at a lower level.

We often see agents struggling with this, particularly when they become aware of a variance in knowledge levels during the sales process. When confronted with this situation, instead of taking a step back, assessing how to move forward and pivoting, they get stuck or move ahead without gaining a comprehensive understanding and agreements from all stakeholders.

Pivoting doesn’t mean deviating from your process, or abandoning what you believe when a customer insists on a low-price, it simply means having the capability to tailor your message, insights and opportunities based on the knowledge level of those you’re addressing.

Can you pivot? Comment with any tips or experiences you would like to share.

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