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Back to the Basics

Most independent insurance agencies and agents would agree that relying on contingency commissions alone is not a reliable strategy for long-term growth. In today’s competitive and complex market there is only one option for growing an agency: organically. Organic growth involves implementing a distinct and repeatable sales process that attracts and retains higher revenue accounts. It is a top objective of many agencies today who struggle to gain new business and differentiate from competitors.

The good news? Many basic organic growth tactics can still deliver results if they are practiced within a well-structured sales process. Here are a few crucial questions that can be used as indicators of the quality of your pipeline and growth opportunities:

(1) When was the last time your agents cold-called right-fit, high profitability prospects?
(2) When was the last time your agents reached out to peers and leveraged their centers of influence?
(3) Are your agents practicing and reevaluating strategies that will cultivate long-term client relationships?

According to Ken Favaro of Booz & Co., “growing organically is a skill companies can develop, not an advantage they temporarily gain as a result of a hot product or successful business model. When companies put their minds to it, organic growth is the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly outcome of finding, funding, and acting on opportunities that are often hiding in plain sight.”

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