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Asking the Right Questions

In this blog, we’ve frequently discussed the importance of building a relationship with a prospect that is based primarily on common objectives and goals, and focuses on the value that an agency has to offer. Leading with a pitch about your agency’s services and capabilities is less successful than beginning with a customer-centric conversation to help prospects understand how you can help them if they choose to pursue a business relationship with you. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t present your capabilities and services. It’s not about whether or not you present them; it’s about when.

So, how can you have successful consultative and customer-centric conversations to get prospects on the same page? Start out by asking the right questions.

In a recent article published by, Erik Sherman says “Success is never a given, but you’re more likely to find it when you look the right way, and that means asking the right questions up front.”

The right questions may change depending on the prospect and the circumstances, but here are a few general suggestions:

- What are your business needs and objectives?
- What challenges is your business currently facing?
- What emerging risks have you identified in your industry?
- What new opportunities would you like to seize?

Once you’ve asked these questions, prospects are more likely to understand the risks and threats they are facing, and you can step in to connect how your services and capabilities will improve their business and help them achieve success. This way, prospects won’t be initially overwhelmed by a lengthy list of services they don’t understand. The ultimate goal is to move the sales process toward a mutually beneficial business relationship.

“You create your opportunities by asking for them.”- Patty Hansen

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