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Are You Shouting into the Dark?

One of the greatest challenges producers face is their struggle to secure first appointments. So it wasn’t surprising in a recent training session when the topic of discussion turned to getting in the door strategies. As we all sat around a table, I said to them: “Before we can even begin talking about getting in the door strategies, it’s important to talk about who you want to work with. Who is your ideal client?” One by one, each producer shrugged or admitted that they didn’t really know.

Why is this an issue? Because without a clear picture of the kind of prospect you would like to work with, setting up a getting in the door strategy, or even developing a message is a waste of time, energy and resources. We spent two hours unpacking my initial question, and in the end we had answers to the following:

- What size organization do you want to work with?

- What is their level of complexity?

- What are the top challenges and problems they are facing that you can address with your capabilities?

Buyers today have higher expectations, greater demands and changing communication preferences as technology continually evolves. Forbes contributor Mark Fidelman says: “Customers are changing how they buy… They have access to more information than ever before. Their conversations, thoughts, frustrations and concerns are becoming increasingly more public and visible.” They expect you to know who they are before you reach out to contact them.

If you develop a getting in the door strategy after gaining clarity around who your ideal client is, you will be much more successful in moving forward to research, qualify and nurture leads. Without clarity, you’ll be shouting into the dark.

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