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Are You Really Consultative?

An excellent article by Scott Edinger on starts out like this: “When I speak to audiences of sales professionals and ask, “How many of you sell value versus price?” everyone raises their hand. But my next question “So how do you do that?” is frequently followed by an uncomfortable silence…”

We see this all time. Producers truly believe that they are consultative sellers but aren’t able to articulate the value they provide to their prospects and clients. Edinger offers sellers these 5 tips on how to move from transactional to consultative relationships:

  1. Help clients see issues they hadn’t considered. Edinger calls this a process of “mutual diagnosis”. In other words, the best salespeople don’t tell their clients the problems they see, instead they help their clients self discover risks through dialog.
  2. Help clients examine issues they thought were benign, but aren’t.
  3. Help clients see opportunities they missed. Again, “jointly discovering such opportunities through back-and-forth conversation” is key.
  4. Help clients address problems with solutions they hadn’t considered. Be innovative and find new ways to address their specific needs.
  5. Help clients connect with additional support resources.

Check out the article and use these 5 tips as a test for you and your colleagues. Are you really consultative?

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