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The Fear of Going Back

On a recent coaching call with a group of producers, we found that a few of them were facing the same issue—they were experiencing the fear of going back. During the sales process, skipping steps had caused them to miss important opportunities to help the prospect. But, instead of circling back and addressing what they missed, they let it go. They let their fear drive them and ultimately both parties lost out.

Consider this: A college professor realizes he included a faulty question on an exam. Instead of letting everyone get the question wrong for fear of revealing his mistake, he sends out an email to inform his students and allows everyone to receive credit for it. If this happened to you, would you be thinking: “My professor made a mistake” or “my professor cares enough to review his own work, reach out to me and fix an issue”?

Most prospects and clients appreciate transparency and humility and would be pleased to know that you care enough to think about them post-meeting. As Jill Konrath said in her recent blog post, “selling is a thinking-intensive profession today. It requires you to engage your brain, to invest time learning, to strategize and create.” Taking the time to think about, review and assess is impressive to buyers, even if you missed something the first time around.

Don’t let your fear prevent you from bringing your prospect closer.

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