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Relationships are the Result of Your Efforts, Not the Start

We often discuss the need for agencies and producers to move away from the flawed bid-and-quote sales process that discourages organic growth and hinders success. Decision makers have changed, the market is more complex, and what worked in the past will no longer work today. In the July-August 2012 Harvard Business Review, there is a must-read article (The End of Solution Sales) that discusses the success strategies of the top salespeople from 82 companies. In it, Brent Adamson, Matthew Dixon and Nicholas Toman talk about the tendency of salespeople to focus on selling “solutions”, and the radically different approach of those who have abandoned this traditional model. Their research suggests that the best salespeople lead with insights meant to overturn and challenge a prospect’s way of thinking.

It is important to remember that most decision makers are satisfied; they don’t know what risks and threats to their business exist that you can identify and mitigate. Decision makers don’t want to change; they are resistant to see risks because doing so would mean abandoning the status quo, which they will only do if they are guided and challenged. Targeting prospects that are unaware of their risks can be an important strategy for agencies to increase their opportunities for demonstrating value. The key to this “insight selling” approach: Offer the prospect your innovative and expert insights and ideas, always keep your conversation focused on them and efficiently lead them through the sales process.

Are you challenging your prospect’s way of thinking? Are you providing them with new insights, ideas, and a vision for a better future with you?

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