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Nurturing Leads- What’s your process?

As we’ve discussed in the past, it’s not simply the producer’s responsibility to manage, develop and nurture leads. Agency leaders need to be part of the process in terms of developing a strategic and measurable plan in order to hold producers accountable.

According to author, Ruth Stevens, lead generation “is less about marketing breakthroughs and silver bullets.  It’s more about process.  The company with the best process wins.”

The days of managing prospect data on spreadsheets are over, and it’s important for agency leaders to drive the process of adopting and implementing technology as a way to attract and nurture leads. How often is your agency using technology tools to touch prospects? A producer’s typical touch tactics should include email with valuable content attached, phone calls, invitations to seminars or workshops and voice-mail messaging. Today, email addresses are especially important. If you don’t have an email address, you don’t have a prospect.

Frequency of touches is the key ingredient to success. If your producers are using these tools to touch the right-fit prospects frequently and, if their approach is customized depending on where the prospect is in the buying cycle, your agency is on the right track. The goal is to nurture your prospective relationships often, consistently and effectively.

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