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“I Want to Differentiate”

It’s the first thing many producers say when we ask them to list their top objectives, but differentiation takes hard work—it requires engaging in a new process, the willingness to have tough conversations, and the leadership to step out of your comfort zone when met with resistance. Often, agents say they want to differentiate, but end up holding themselves back. They devalue their roles by delivering the same old sales pitch that only enhances the buyer’s view that insurance is a commodity purchase.

It’s like climbing up the ladder to the high dive. On the way up you’re excited and ready to go, but once you’re looking over the edge, it’s a lot harder to jump.

For example, we’ve discussed the great opportunity for agents to differentiate around the big data conversation. In today’s world, as technology continually evolves, data analytics and data mining models are emerging as powerful tools impacting our industry, and employers expect agents to show analytical capabilities. But, because the topic is unfamiliar and uncomfortable, producers avoid it rather than using it to have more consultative conversations.

You can’t differentiate without experiencing some tension, and that’s why so few producers do it. , But that’s also why there are endless opportunities when you do.

Ask anyone who’s taken the plunge from a high dive—it’s worth it. Don’t be afraid to jump.

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