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Gaining Agreements During the Sales Process

In our last post, Frank touched on the importance of gaining agreements during the sales process; it is the only way to establish mutual accountabilities and move the process forward. Implementation agreements are equally as important once a deal is in place to develop an action plan, establish a timeline, and measure success, but without clarity and agreement during the sales process, the producer has no way of knowing whether or not the prospect has the intention of making a commitment to engage in a business relationship.

According to an article on “for successful businesses, the sales process has become a communications process that evolves through a series of decisions both you and your customer will be making. At each decision point, you will be achieving mutual understanding and establishing clarity about what you are saying to each other and how you will proceed.”

So, what should you and the prospect agree on before the deal is closed?

(1) The prospect should want to address the risks and threats to their business that were discovered and discussed during the sales process. They must be dissatisfied with their current situation before making the decision to change.

(2) There should be clarity and confidence in yours and your agency’s capabilities to reduce or eliminate the identified risks and threats. If they aren’t confident in your capabilities, they most likely won’t be ready to move forward.

(3) Finally, there should be clarity and confidence from both parties that a business relationship will be developed. If this isn’t the case, it probably means one or both of the first agreements haven’t been made.

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