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Constant Improvement = Excellence

Agencies today can’t afford to waste valuable and expensive resources on training processes that aren’t successful, so improving performance requires organization and careful development. The time you invest in creating an efficient approach for improving performance should be rewarding for your business in terms of measurable gains in revenue, productivity, efficiency, and profitability. 

So, how can you implement a plan to make sure that your coaching is effective, successful and sustainable? According to a recent MIT study that is discussed in a White Paper put out by the TAS Group, “the key to motivation—which is at least part of the role of the sales coach—is to understand that people are motivated by (1) connection to a purpose, (2) the desire for mastery, and (3) the ability to be self directed.”

For a sales manager, this means accepting suggestions and solution ideas, making sure everyone involved in the coaching understands its objectives and purposes, emphasizing the essential steps for growth and progress, and finally, holding salespeople accountable.

What are some successful training strategies you have used to improve performance and increase the success of your business? What are some that have failed?

“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.” – Tom Peters

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