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Carrot-and-Stick Motivators: Why They Fail and How to Keep Producers on the Path to Success

When an agency creates an environment of expectation by clearly communicating what success looks like within the agency, and when the agency and a producer work toward a common set of objectives that have been clearly defined and articulated, the likelihood of success for both parties is increased. But in order for this to happen, producers must be intrinsically motivated.

Great producers actively seek learning and growth opportunities, and are committed to their craft. So, how can you motivate producers to succeed? The first step is to look beyond simple monetary rewards, and to understand the complexity of human motivation. According to author Daniel Pink, “Employees must have autonomy…They must desire mastery of tasks or skills that matter to them. And they must see their work as contributing to a greater purpose.” Agency leaders can facilitate motivation by making sure producers have a clear understanding of the distinct value they bring to employers. In a past blog post, we provided a list of endeavors producers can focus on to see the bigger purpose in their work. Here are just a few:

- Create greater opportunities for clients
- Facilitate better care for injured employers
- Protect clients’ businesses

If producers feel that they are working for a purpose larger than just making sales, they will be more likely to work hard and stay driven. This means that engagement and communication is key. Agency leaders should be open to input from team members, promote an action-oriented culture, and give feedback frequently.  Kevin Plank explains: “Motivation, passion, and focus have to come from the top.”

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