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Capabilities of Sales Leaders

In today’s sales environment, employers prefer business relationships with producers who will be able to lead them through a process of improving their business and guide them towards increased profitability. We’ve discussed how the majority of prospects you meet won’t be following a successful process to buy insurance and manage risk, and we’ve addressed the importance of taking on the role of leader in business relationships with them.

Sales leadership is a skill that few have but that any willing producer can be taught. Leadership is essential to effectively and proficiently guide the prospect through the buying process. According to Tom Searcy, “customers crave tailored insight and a guide who can intelligently direct them to make the most effective decision for their company.”

So, what tools and capabilities should you possess in order to be a successful producer and sales leader?

1) The ability to help prospects self-discover threats and risks which they were previously unaware of—you can do this by asking the right questions.
2) The ability to create relationships and leverage centers of influence to increase business opportunities.
3) The ability to create a plan of action and vision for a future relationship in the sales process.
4) The ability to align agency goals and capabilities with employer goals, needs, and objectives
5) The ability to identify right-fit clients and secure business for yourself and your agency by maintaining an adequate pipeline.

Producers who are self-directed leaders, and who are accountable to themselves, their team and their agency will inspire others and amplify their own success.

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