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Are You Setting Up Young Producers for Success?

Every insurance agency wants to find and keep good talent, but many traditional orientation and training programs for young producers only set them up to fail. They often look like this: the agency sends them to insurance carrier schools, provides them with current phone books of their territories so they can fill their pipelines, encourages them to work off of X-dates, and offers words of encouragement.

If this sounds familiar to you, it may be time to consider a change. These development tactics foster bad habits and agency leaders become frustrated when producers fall short of their expectations and move on to another agency or profession. In the end, any money spent on hiring and training has been wasted. According to an article on Property Casualty 360, “industry surveys suggest as many as two thirds of new producers don’t survive through their second years in the business.” So, how can you set producers up to succeed instead?

- Implement a consistent and effective sales strategy—a repeatable and systematic process.
- Adopt a process for evaluating young producer abilities (non-revenue indicators of success and sales skills) as well as revenue generation.
- Create a culture of permissions to conduct business only with the right-fit clients for your agency.
- Mentor and coach, then hold young producers accountable. This includes training them to transition from a transactional selling process to a consultative one.

Adopting this approach requires some investment, but recruiting the right new producers with leadership capabilities and providing them with the appropriate training will produce greater rewards for everyone.

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