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Answer the Questions Employers Don’t Know to Ask

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the changing role of the insurance agent, especially as the industry adapts post health care reform, and as technology continues to evolve. Added to these changes is the fact that most employers view insurance as a commodity purchase, and agents are quickly giving in to the pressure while devaluing their roles. In fact, a recent survey by Corporate Visions found that

- 89% of salespeople agreed that price pressure from customers and buyers has increased in the past three years,

- And, 68% find themselves in tough price negotiations because customers are not convinced that their solutions are sufficiently differentiated from the competition.

Decision makers today are busier than ever, and risk-averse. They are hard wired to defend the status quo, and we often say that they don’t know what they don’t know. It’s easier for them to make something complex into something simple by focusing only on the price. So, one of the most important capabilities a producer needs to succeed is the ability to help employers self-discover what risks to their business exist—risks that they are not even aware of. It’s your job to answer the questions that employers don’t know to ask by challenging them to think, proposing new ideas and revealing creative ways that you can help them.

We firmly believe that the challenges producers face are opportunities in disguise and those who are willing to gain and hone leadership capabilities and compete on value rather than price will continue to see success.

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