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Don’t End Up Someplace Else

When agency principals sit down to talk about their goals, they often outline only their financial objectives. But, to effectively “get in the door” with leverage and grow organically, an agency needs more. Creating goals and objectives may seem like drudgery, but agencies won’t succeed if they can’t articulate and clearly define what they have to offer. Goals and objectives should focus on the leadership, capabilities and value that are specific to an agency, and they should work conjunctively with the agency’s value proposition to communicate how an employer will benefit from a relationship with them. 

According to Morgan Norman, Business Insider contributor, goals “shouldn’t focus on only the end result — goals should detail the journey.” This means it’s important to consider the “what”, the “how” and the “why” as you formulate your goals and objectives.

For example, an agency that specializes in Workers’ Comp may have this as one of its objectives:

“To Reduce the Number, Cost and Duration of Employee Injuries.”

This is only one objective; in order to demonstrate various strengths, it’s important that agencies formulate several.

When you have completed the process, ask yourself these questions to test the efficiency of your goals and objectives:

(1) Do they support your value proposition and the Processes your agency has in place?
(2) Do they communicate how clients will benefit from a relationship with your agency?
(3) Do they map out your leadership, capabilities and value?

It’s important to remember that your goals and objectives should define who you are as well as who you want to be it to, not just the revenue you want to generate.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”- Yogi Berra

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