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Don’t Out-Innovate Your Team

If you’re an agency owner then you’re also an entrepreneur, which likely means that you thrive when you have the opportunity to take risks and grow your business. You might be ready to share and deploy new ideas and strategies with your team, but before moving forward with big changes, it’s important that they’re on board with you. If you ever leave a meeting discouraged when your team seems to feel deflated and like they just can’t meet the mark, it’s probably time to take a step back and consider the following:

  1. Are you plowing forward too quickly? You don’t want to be a parade leader who is walking so far ahead of the parade that the audience can’t even tell you’re a part of it. Rosabeth Moss Kanter, HBR Blog contributor says: “Innovators who take risks must reduce the risk for others. Think long-term trends but short-term steps.”
  2. Does your current team have the capabilities needed to successfully implement your plans? In an article by innovation expert Clayton Christensen, he says that when leaders “assign employees to tackle a critical innovation, they instinctively work to match the requirements of the job with the capabilities of the individuals they charge to do it.” But, unfortunately, some leaders “don’t think as rigorously about whether their organizations have the capability to successfully execute jobs that may be given to them.” Have you focused on developing the processes, gaining the resources, and growing the capabilities you need before introducing new innovations?

Creativity and innovation are necessary, and adapting to marketplace changes over time ensures that you maintain a competitive advantage. Just be sure you’re taking enough time to plan and prepare.