What's At Stake?

New and emerging insurance distribution channels are entering the marketplace, disrupting the traditional producer/decision-maker relationship.  Business executives are seeking to engage with producer who are specialists and help them assess and manage risk. 

Producers without specialized capabilities will find the marketplace increasingly challenging and struggle to compete and win business. 

What is the Producer Success Program™?

Created for both new and experienced producers, the Producer Success Program™ is a comprehensive producer training program for insurance professionals who want to move beyond bidding and quoting, to take control of the sales process and leverage opportunities available only to producers with specialized capabilities.

Participants will gain both advanced sales and technical capabilities necessary to disrupt their prospects’ status quo decision making process. Utilizing our proven Disruptive Selling Process™ and Leading with Workers’ Compensation strategy producers will learn how to effectively enter a business relationship and close business by leveraging a leading with workers’ compensation approach. 

The 12-month program will take producers to the next level by teaching them how to eliminate the competition by positioning a broker selection process and round out the account with an overall property & casualty risk assessment approach, as well as, how to effectively up-sell, cross-sell and build a specialized practice with ‘nichepertise’.

All producers will learn how to compete and win in today’s rapidly changing marketplace by:
  • Understanding what decision makers want, and how to effectively get in the door with leverage;
  • Leveraging the Disruptive Selling Process™, designed to lead buyers away from their flawed and dangerous commodity buying approach that leaves their business, employees and personal assets at risk, and towards a more effective broker selection process;
  • Gaining specialized workers’ compensation technical capabilities, allowing them to differentiate themselves from the competition, drive more value and reduce commoditization.
Participants in our 12 Month Program will further accelerate their capabilities by:
  • Leveraging Risk Assessments to position broker selection to write property & casualty intensive accounts;
  • Having access to on-going coaching and mentoring to reinforce concepts and achieve early and frequent success;
  • Acquiring ‘Nichepertise’ in 2-3 industries of their choice;
  • Gaining insights through peer connections and networking.

Program Philosophy.

The greatest competition producers face isn’t another agency, it’s the status quo. In a 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. survey, only 19% of executive buyers felt they received value from their interactions with a sales professional, and only 22% felt that sales people understood their issues and where they can help.

The Producer Success Program™ helps producers to differentiate by leveraging technical capabilities and offering prospects an alternative, more effective insurance buying and risk management approach.